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Every job is different and so is the requirements for what tools and skills are needed. We always customise our kit to fit the specific needs of a project and our experienced operators always comes well prepared.

The most powerful tool for video assist

QTAKE is a scaleable solution through which we can record multiple cameras in sync, log recorded takes to keep track of everything that has been shot, perform live key and VFX previews and graphic overlays in real time as well as doing quick rough edits of sequences immediately on set, just to mention some of the functions.

We provide QTAKE rigs and software together with skilled operators to all Nordic countries. Our rigs are all specialized for specific uses, from portable battery powered units to more stationary powerful setups for demanding VFX or multi-cam work.

Creating organized chaos

We are well prepared for the challenge it is to organize a monitoring and recording setup for everything from two cameras and up. Either all shooting at the same set or spread apart on different locations, we can provide monitoring solutions that fit the needs of the production.

For remote video village setups we can setup and manage “witness cameras” to provide additional video feeds showing the set to give a better understanding for what is going on in set. These can be viewed individually or as different multi-view layouts together with the production cameras.

streaming as part of our toolbox

A remote video village can be defined as a central video village where video from remote cameras are received and monitored. We have wireless video systems with long range with emphasis on LONG range. The cameras might be mounted on helicopters, camera cars, or drones that all are roaming freely, independent of the distance to the video village at basecamp.

Another use for a remote monitoring is for cross border productions where the client, agency or even director is located in another city or country. This is suitable for any kind of production where participants, that can not be on set, still has to follow what is being shot. After doing 100+ commercials with remote video villages we have the confidence to assure you secure, stable and easy to use solutions that even make remote directing possible. Please get in touch for a full description of the different alternatives for remote video villages we offer.

Remote Monitoring

A digital lab on wheels

We offer on set DIT and data management services such as media offload and verification, back-up, audio sync, transcode and preparation for edit in AVID, Premiere or FCP. We keep ourselves updated on all the latest technology and formats and we constantly fine tune our gear to stay up to date with the ever increasing requirements.
We keep our kit slim and mobile and adapt to what each project requires.

For projects already been shot we can assist with media management and preparation for post production of the recorded footage.

Color Calibration

We calibrate all our monitors in-house to make sure they always look their best and gives the crew on set a correct viewing experience.

We also offer this service for your monitors too! No matter if you only got one 7” onboard or 30 screens in various sizes, we calibrate all of the commonly used brands like TvLogic, Sony, SmallHD, Flanders and more.

The calibration is performed with both a spectrophotometer and colorimeter to ensure the most correct result as possible. Each monitor is handled individually and is calibrated based on its own unique conditions for REC.709 with a 2-point white balance.

Let us know your needs and we are happy to help you get your monitors look their best.

One step ahead

Sweden has a film-working culture that is sprung from small scale projects with smaller budgets and short production times requiring all crew to be as flexible and fast as possible to get everything in the can on time.

With this as our foundation we are well prepared for any ”run-n-gun” situation and we do always strive to be a self-contained department. This includes for example all wireless setups with iPad monitoring and being able to run all our equipment on batteries for a full day if needed. Since we customize our kit for each job we carefully put together a setup that meets the requirements for the shoot.